Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Through collaboration with community partners, Snohomish County Animal Services provides responsive and compassionate public service to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of animals and people in our community. We work to prevent cruelty and neglect through education, investigation and enforcement and strive for maximum voluntary compliance through the promotion of responsible animal ownership.

Our Values

  • Provide exemplary customer service that is professional, competent, timely, compassionate and just; enhancing the lives of animals and people.
  • Commit to promoting responsible animal ownership and increasing the community's standard of care.
  • Increase the welfare of animals by reuniting lost pets with their owners and where appropriate, work with partners to rehabilitate, foster and rehome pets.
  • Advocate for effective animal legislation to ensure our codes and regulations are current, relevant and achieve the intended outcomes.
  • Perform humane handling of animals to minimize stress when approaching, capturing, and caring for the animals we come in contact with.
  • Foster strategic and robust community partnerships such as the Everett Animal Shelter, veterinarians, law enforcement, animal advocacy groups, and media outlets.
  • Embrace continuous improvement through rigorous review and assessment of our processes and practices for quality and efficiency.
  • Prioritize professional development to ensure staff receive ongoing training to increase knowledge and improve skills.
  • Conduct rigorous professional investigations for cases of animal cruelty, neglect, and other animal ordinances to achieve just prosecutions and case resolutions.
  • Respect our community members through accountability and transparency; always remember the trust they have placed in us, maintain fiscal responsibility, show no biases in our interactions and honor the responsibility bestowed on us.

Our Team

Four women and three men standing side by side in front of some greenery. Some are wearing uniforms.