Concessionaire Agreements

Are you interested in bringing your business to a Snohomish County Park? Concessionaire Agreements are issued to business owners who would like to hold reoccurring business on Snohomish County Parks Property. Some examples of this would be dog walking services, ice cream/food trucks and more. Concessionaire agreements are non-exclusive and have specific insurance requirements.  If you are requesting a concessionaire agreement please fill out an application here.  If approved, a permit will be created and payment plan established.  Please review the Fee Schedule on our Fees & Prices page for current rate.  Please direct any questions or concerns to

Advertising/Promoting Requests

A-boards, fliers and signs can overwhelm our parks and create a lot of litter without oversight. If you are looking to promote your business, event or service on park property you will need an approved permit prior to doing so. If you are interested please fill out the application here.