Our goal is to provide Leadership, Encouragement and Direction to our youth in Snohomish County.  

In 2021, Sheriff Adam Fortney started a first-ever program for youth in Snohomish County. The program is developed for youth who may be involved in the criminal justice system or who are at a crossroads in their life. The weekly classes are rooted in life skills, decision making, accountability, and leadership. Sheriff Fortney will lead each class with help from community leaders, Sheriff’s Office personnel and local business professionals.  

Below is a sample class schedule from a previous session: 

  • Week 1: Program Overview, Mentor Introductions, Parent Introductions, Goal Setting
  • Week 2: Presentation from MMA trainer Chris Garcia 
  • Week 3: Drug and Alcohol Use and Impacts of Decision Making 
  • Week 4: Careers & Professions, Tour of Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center 
  • Week 5: Presentations from U.S. Navy and Corrections Major Alonzo Downing
  • Week 6: Field Trip and Tour of Snohomish County Corrections Facility (Jail)
  • Week 7: Guest Speakers on Overcoming Life Obstacles,  Long-term Mentoring
  • Week 8: Graduation Night! 

The program will also provide students an optional mentorship once the course is completed.  The class will culminate with a graduation and career night featuring representatives from all over Snohomish County, to include business leaders, military representatives, Sheriff’s Office personnel, trades and different options for post-high school education.  

WHO: Youth between the ages 13 and 17 who have committed a crime or who are at a crossroads in life and struggling to make good decisions. The perfect candidate is someone who could benefit from a program rooted in life skills, decision making, accountability, and leadership. 

WHAT: A youth program that takes place one night a week for eight weeks. The weeknight courses will be two hours and most of them take place in a classroom setting. The students may have an additional day dedicated to a community service project.

WHEN: January - March 2024. It will be a continuous 8-week course with classes held one night per week from 5-7 p.m. 

WHERE: Sno-Isle Tech Center in Everett, Wash. *some weeks may be held off site in a different location. 


  1. Download and fill out the application here
  2. Submit it via email to Contact.Sheriff@snoco.org 

Available slots: 12-14

Application deadline: November 30, 2023