Rivershore/Riverview Rd Flood Repairs


Due to recent flooding, Snohomish County Public Works is making repairs to at least three locations on Rivershore Rd with the possibility of three additional locations if time allows. The damaged sites range from a sinkhole to slumped or eroded embankments. The repairs consist of removing the damaged roadway and embankment and constructing a reinforced geogrid slope (soil wrap walls).


Work will be conducted during summer 2021.
  • Work can only be completed during daylight hours and low or negative tides.
  • Crews will begin at locations 4-6 with a possibility of completing some or all of locations 1-3.
  • Work is expected to begin in June and wrap up for the year in September.
  • Crews will be working approximately Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Traffic Impact

  • There will be a full 24/7 road closure with local access only for locations 4-6. There will likely be multiple closures.
  • If crews are able to get to locations 1-3, there will be a full road closure with a signed detour route. More information will be shared once the road work schedule is finalized.