Broadband Action Team (BAT)

Expanding broadband access for residents and businesses in Snohomish County has been and continues to be a high priority. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how dependent we are on reliable, high speed internet and how large the service gaps are among our residents and businesses. The effort to expand broadband access took a large step forward in March, 2021 with the inaugural meeting of the Snohomish County Broadband Action Team (BAT).   

The BAT is a collaboration of stakeholders in our community focused on identifying the need for broadband expansion, raising the awareness of the need, and developing strategies for addressing the need. Executive Somers, Councilmember Nehring, and Councilmember Low have brought these stakeholders together to form the BAT. The stakeholders involved include community leaders from education, healthcare, business, first responders, local government, and providers. 

In an effort to expand public awareness of broadband needs and increase participation in the state’s broadband speed and access survey, the County Executive and County Council declared March 29th-April 2nd Broadband Access Week in Snohomish County. Residents, students, and businesses are encouraged to complete the access and speed survey during Broadband Access Week. 

We will keep this page updated with the latest news from the Snohomish County Broadband Action Team.

Department of Commerce Broadband Survey:

Our BAT Partners

  • Washington State Senator Keith Wagoner – 39th LD 
  • Washington State Senator Ron Muzzall – 10th LD 
  • Washington State Representative Carolyn Eslick – 39th LD 
  • Washington State Representative Dave Paul – 10th LD 
  • Washington State Representative Greg Gilday – 10th LD 
  • Washington State Broadband Office 
  • Washington State Department of Natural Resources 
  • City of Stanwood 
  • Town of Darrington 
  • Town of Index 
  • City of Gold Bar 
  • Stanwood-Camano School District 
  • Darrington School District 
  • Lakewood School District 
  • Monroe School District 
  • Sultan School District 
  • Snohomish School District 
  • Lake Stevens School District 
  • Snohomish County PUD 
  • Port of Everett 
  • Economic Alliance Snohomish County 
  • Sno Isle Libraries 
  • Wave 
  • Ziply 
  • Comcast 
  • WSU Snohomish County Extension 
  • League of Women Voters 
  • Glacier Peak Institute 
  • Evergreen Health Monroe/Sultan 
  • Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue (FD 7) 
  • Snohomish Fire District 5 
  • Sky Valley Fire (FD 26) 
  • North County Fire/EMS