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Farmer Frog and Paradise Valley Conservation Area


Snohomish County leased 7.5 acres to Farmer Frog at the Paradise Valley Conservation Area in 2017. The lease that was signed and agreed upon was for a small footprint food growing operation. It has now become an industrial operation with heavy truck use. In addition, they are using additional acreage not included in their lease for their operations. This industrial scale activity is not suited to the Paradise Valley Conservation Area and its salmon restoration requirements. We first contacted Farmer Frog in September of 2020 to work toward a resolution. The county even offered Farmer Frog an alternate county space at the Evergreen State Fair Park at no cost. Farmer Frog rejected the offer. Therefore, they have to find new space to have this large scale industrial operation. We have provided support to Farmer Frog and want to work with them to find an appropriate location for their industrial activities. Hunger in our community is an ongoing challenge, and we appreciate the work they have done for residents across the region. No matter the value of their work, however, Farmer Frog must abide by their legal obligations. The County cannot allow them to use land outside of their lease and in a manner that is detrimental to conservation requirements.

Timeline 2017-2021

Please see this document for a general timeline of this issue.

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