Civil Matters

Judge Civil Motions

General information and remote connection protocols for hearings on Judge’s Civil Motions (Tuesday-Friday). 

Commissioner Civil Motions

General information and remote connection protocols for hearings on Commissioner’s Civil Motions (Tuesday-Friday).

Civil Motions Schedules

The schedule of judicial officers for Judge’s Civil Motions per week and Commissioner Civil Motions per 6 month period. Please note, these calendars are subject to change.

Civil Calendar Notes

The most recent version of the civil calendar notes can be found here. There are separate calendar notes for Judge’s Civil Motions and Commissioner’s Civil Motions.  Both calendar notes and other local forms are located under the Civil Forms header.

Daily Calendar

The current day’s court calendar can be found at the link above under Daily Calendar.

Judge Civil Motions Livestream

Some civil motions are livestreamed for ease of access. Use the above link to find the judge’s livestream channel to view civil motions if they are being livestreamed. Questions about whether civil motions are being livestreamed should be directed to the judge’s law clerk.

Confirm Your Hearing

Web portal and instructions for confirming a civil motion for either the Judge’s or Commissioner’s calendar.

Civil Trial Calendar