Non-Parental Custody Matters



At this time, the current law regarding Non-Parental Custody, RCW 26.10,
is scheduled to be repealed (no longer in effect) after June 30, 2021.

If you have any Non-Parental Custody matter pending before the Court, you are urged to resolve your case as soon as possible.  A case may be resolved by the entry of default orders, if appropriate, the entry of agreed orders with all parties, or by trial.  Pending matters are those matters that have been filed, but final orders have not entered.

As of the effective date of the repeal of RCW 26.10, any temporary or final orders will remain in full force and effect, but after that date any changes will need to be made under the new statute for Minor Guardianships: RCW 11.130.185 to RCW 11.130.260.  This will require additional action, and make take additional time to accomplish.

Information regarding how this change in the law will be handled in Snohomish County, along with some necessary forms and procedural explanations will be found on this webpage.

How to Finalize Your Non-Parental Custody Case by Agreement or Default

In order to complete or finalize your case, the Court must receive, approve, and sign the final documents for your particular case.  Because of new procedures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, your case may be finalized based on written pleadings, without the need to come to the courthouse. Before filing a motion or attempting to finalize your case, please review the information regarding changes in operations at Emergency Orders and Procedure Changes to Commissioner Hearings

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