Office of Social Justice

Office of Social Justice

The Office of Social Justice (OSJ) seeks to dismantle the individual, institutional, and structural racism that exists in the County.

Ensure Executive leadership engage in educational processes to expand their understanding of institutional and systemic oppression to enable the dismantling of such.

Develop and conduct a systemic equity needs assessment to identify processes and practices that cause or contribute to inequitable outcomes. Determine the frequency for conducting assessments.

Identify education and training opportunities for County staff, boards and commissions, to include, speakers, training facilitators, train-the-trainer opportunities, books clubs, talking circles, and other such opportunities.

Develop and implement best practice strategies that dismantle racism and other forms of oppression.

Work with County department heads to review work practices, policies, programs, procedures to identify and address those which uphold institutional oppression.

Partner with Human Resources, and other hiring decision makers, to review hiring practices, which include but are not limited to a review of job descriptions, interview questions, hiring panels, etc. through an equity lens.

Develop meaningful and respectful relationships with underrepresented and underserved communities to promote equity and inclusion and provide opportunities for their meaningful participation in County government.

Collaborate with Law and Justice partners to develop policies, processes and programs to ensure racial justice in the County’s public safety system.

Collect, review and provide an annual report to the Executive regarding racial disparities relative to rates of hire, completion of probationary periods, promotions, retention, etc.

Receive reports from the Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Officer of complaints of racism and other forms of discrimination which do not rise to the level of legal discrimination.

Provide regular updates regarding the County’s progress in addressing systemic and institutional racism and other forms of oppression as appropriate.

Develop and post a public statement against racism in locations visible to staff, and visitors entering the County buildings and departments.

Report of the Hate Crimes Advisory Working Group
Washington State Office of the Attorney General
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