Ex Parte

Superior Court System Outage 

The court’s case management system is currently offline. This may delay some services and availability of information. Please note that confirmation information will not be available until the court’s case management system is fully operational. Please continue to check the court’s website and Odyssey Portal for information about your case.

Ex Parte 

Non-emergent orders should be submitted by:

  1. Non-emergent orders may still be submitted ex parte via the Clerk. Conformed copies/certified copies may be mailed back to you if requested. Information on this process can be found on the clerk’s website here.
  2. OR

  3. Non-emergent orders may be delivered to Confirmations by dropping them off in the Ex Parte box. Orders that are dropped off will be reviewed as judicial time allows and then filed.  Any orders rejected by the Commissioner will have a rejection notice filed.  Parties may access the documents after they are filed using the Odyssey Portal or the Washington State Digital Archives. Parties will not receive notification of review