COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard

The COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard allows users to learn more about the County’s pandemic recovery programming, including investment areas, impacts, and the geography and demographics of those we serve. While the vast majority of programs included are funded by the County’s federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation, two additional programs are included that were funded by other federal sources: Rent & Utility Assistance and the Relief, Recovery, & Resiliency Grants.

This dashboard does not represent the entirety of ARPA programming. This dashboard will be updated quarterly, and a maximum of five new projects will be added each quarter.

There are two components of the dashboard:

  1. The home page (shown below) where you can learn about budget, expenditures, and notable data including overall outcomes of ARPA investment areas.
  2. Project detail pages where you can learn more about a specific ARPA program, including impacts, demographics, and geographic distribution.

To navigate to a detail page, select a project under “Programs” and then click “View Program.” To navigate back to the home page, click the back button in the top left corner of a detail page.

Click on the below image, and the dashboard will open in a new tab. Please note that because of the size of the dashboard, it may take around 30 seconds to load.

If you have any questions about anything you see on the dashboard, reach out to ORR at

The dashboard contains data collected until June 30, 2023.

SnohomishCounty | COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Each year, the United States Treasury mandates that all jurisdictions that receive ARPA funding compile a performance report detailing the strategies and impacts of their recovery programs. Snohomish County’s 2023 Recovery Performance Report details the significant progress we have made to develop and implement ARPA-funded programming that meets the needs of our most impacted communities.

Anyone interested can learn more about the County’s ARPA investments by reviewing our 2023 Recovery Performance Report and individual project pages.