Carter Rd Stormwater Facility Retrofit (Meadow Creek Park)

Description - Completed 

A berm associated with a stormwater detention facility at Meadow Creek Park subdivision was being eroded by high water flows within Swamp Creek. The erosion allowed the stormwater to flow around the flow-control facility. Snohomish County Public Works enlarged and enhanced the stormwater facility as well as reconstruct the embankment in a manner that protects the facility and provides fish habitat in Swamp Creek. The project added stormwater pollutant removal and reduce high flows being released into Swamp Creek. In addition, an outflow ditch was enlarged to improve flow and reduce ongoing maintenance. Access to the facility was improved for future maintenance needs. The site will be replanted with native vegetation in the spring of 2021.


The construction began on July 6, 2020 and was completed in February 2021, with final planting to take place in spring 2021.


This project costed about $900,000 and was paid for by Surface Water Utility service charges.