Snohomish County Future Workforce Alliance

Snohomish County Workforce Development Reimagined

Transition Timeline

As a first step in the transition process, under the direction of the Snohomish County Executive, members are being recruited for the Snohomish County Future Workforce Alliance Board of Directors to foster alignment and collaboration among business, education leaders, labor, and workforce service providers. The Alliance will set strategic goals to support long-term economic growth and prosperity.

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James Henderson

Chief of Economic and Workforce Development Initiatives


The Workforce Snohomish Board of Directors will continue their vital work overseeing WorkSource system operations and the professional services team that works within the strategic framework set by the Future Workforce Alliance.

By separating the strategic function of workforce development from day-to-day operation of WorkSource Snohomish County, our local economic and workforce development system will be stronger and more nimble. 

The anticipated timeline for this system change, predicated on certification of the Snohomish County Future Workforce Alliance as the local workforce development council and approval of the Local Area Plan by the State of Washington, is shown below. 

Workforce Alliance Transition Timeline