Treasurer Public Records

Snohomish County provides public records in compliance with all applicable laws. To obtain records, we recommend reviewing the “Commonly Requested Records” list below to determine whether the records you seek are available without the need to file a public records request. Alternatively, you can submit a public records request though the Public Records Request Portal. When making your request please be as specific as possible so we can conduct a thorough and accurate search.

Commonly Requested Records:

In an effort to make frequently requested records conveniently accessible for the public, some records have been made available on our website. Before submitting a public records request, please review the below items and topics as they may already contain the records you seek.

Current Tax List: To view the “Current Tax List”, which contains information for all parcels in Snohomish County and their current taxes due please click here (last updated 01/08/2024). For a description of the fields on the Current Tax list, please click here.

Foreclosure Information: To view past records of “Certificates of Delinquency”, “Affidavits of Publication”, “Final Orders of Sale”, “Returns of Sale” and “Foreclosure Excess Funds Lists” please click here.

Investment Information: To view Investment Policies, Operating Terms and Conditions and Investment and Economic Reports please click here.