Odyssey Portal Subscription

3/8/2022 4:00 p.m. - The issue Odyssey Portal customers were experiencing accessing domestic cases has been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience while the issues were resolved.

Pursuant to Snohomish County Code 4.119, the Clerk’s Office provides electronic access to select publicly available Superior Court Records.

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to this online service please complete a Subscription User Agreement (PDF) and submit to the Clerk with payment as outlined in the agreement. Each user will need to submit their own user agreement. Note: we are now offering online payment! Details are provided on the last page of the user agreement.

Available Court Records

  • Civil
  • Criminal (adult)
  • Domestic
  • Probate / Guardianship

Unavailable electronic records include statutorily confidential, court ordered sealed, and otherwise restricted by state and/or local court rule.

Subscription Fees

Access is provided on a subscription fee basis by total company size (all employees) and not by the number of users who would access the system. Fees are billed/paid annually February 1st thereafter. 

Company size Annual Fee
1-3 Employees and/or Individuals $100
4-6 Employees and/or Individuals $250
7-10 Employees and/or Individuals $500
More than 10 Employees and/or Individuals $600

Subscribing after February 1st is pro-rated in whole months. Please use the table below to determine appropriate fee.

Pro-rata Share/Company Size 1-3 4-6 7-10 >10
January $8 $21 $42 $50
February through January (annual period) $100 $250 $500 $600
March through January $92 $229 $458 $550
April through January $83 $208 $417 $500
May through January $75 $188 $375 $450
June through January $67 $167 $333 $400
July through January $58 $146 $292 $350
August through January $50 $125 $250 $300
September through January $42 $104 $208 $250
October through January $33 $83 $167 $200
November through January $25 $63 $125 $150
December through January $17 $42 $83 $100

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Contact Information

For questions about Odyssey Portal Subscriptions only, please email SCLSUBSCRIPTIONS@snoco.org. For all other inquiries, please see the Contact Us information on the Clerk homepage.