236th Street NE Safety Improvements

This webpage last updated: June 16, 2020

Snohomish County has received a permit application for safety improvements on 236th Street NE and we are starting the review process. For more detailed information, please visit the Stillaguamish Tribe’s  236th Street Safety Improvements webpage.

Project File Number(s)

19-117675 LDA

Application Documents

Please click this link to review documents that have been submitted for this project.

5551 - 236th Street Map v2

Project Chronolgy

12/12/19: PDS received initial project application

12/15/19: Notice of Application

1/6/20: End of public comment period

4/2/20: First review completed, additional information requested

4/23/20: Resubmittal accepted

6/1/20: Second review completed, additional information requested

9/28/20: Resubmittal for 3rd review accepted

11/16/20: Third Review Completed and approved

1/27/21: Issued Combined Notice of Determination of Significance and Type 1 Decision

2/17/21: Appeal Period Ends

How to Get Involved

To submit comments or become a Party of Record for this project, please send a letter or email to Frank Scherf and include the project file number, project name, and your name and address. Read more about what it means to be a Party of Record.

Please note that PDS will accept comments on this project at any time during the application review.

PDS Project Contact

Sean Curran, Project Manager
Email Sean Curran

Next Steps in the process

PDS completes review and sends review letter along with all public and agency comments received to the applicant. The review letter lists items to be corrected, submitted and addressed in order to continue the review. Applicant resubmits information in response to PDS review letter.

PDS reviews information submitted. If additional information or corrections are necessary, PDS issues another review letter for the applicant to respond to. If additional information is not necessary, PDS issues notice of SEPA Threshold Determination with a 14 day comment and appeal period. The notice is sent to all parties of record.

PDS may change or withdraw its determination based on comments received, or may retain its original determination. The Land Disturbing Activities permit cannot be issued until such time any appeal period has lapsed. If an appeal is received, the permit cannot be issued until such time any appeals have been resolved.