Housing Affordability Regional Taskforce (HART)


Snohomish County Housing Affordable Regional Task Force

Proposed Mission Statement

The Snohomish County Housing Affordability Regional Task force (HART) will collaboratively develop a five-year action plan that identifies priorities for County, City and Tribal governments to accelerate our collective ability to meet the affordable housing needs of all County residents, and sets a foundation for continued success through 2050.
HART will report its recommendation by December 2019.

Collage of four images of cottage housing
Projected housing growth in Snohomish County

Affordable housing is an issue that is hitting our region particularly hard. With one of the hottest housing markets in the country, the Puget Sound region is growing increasingly unaffordable for some residents, and homeownership is becoming less attainable for the middle class.

I believe that a coordinated response to this challenge is our best step forward. Cities, tribes, and the county, together with other governments, private sector firms and non-profit agencies, need to determine what we are each willing and able to do and then act accordingly. To identify solutions, I am establishing the Snohomish County Housing Affordability Regional Task Force (HART).
HART will consist of a team of City, Tribal, and county officials, supported by other community leaders.  The focus of our work will be on middle-income and affordable housing, subsidized housing, alternative housing models, and land use and redevelopment.