Snohomish County Opportunity Zones

Snohomish County Opportunity Zones

Snohomish County Opportunity Zones:

1. Lynnwood City Center US Census Tract 53061051400

2. Snohomish County/Paine Field US Census Tract 53061041901

3,4. Everett North US Census Tracts 53061040200, 53061040700

5. Marysville North US Census Tract 53061052803

6. Arlington Airport US Census Tract 53061053509

7. Darrington US Census Tract 53061053700

About the Opportunity Zones Program


Authorized by the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act; December 22, 2017. Program is designed to provide tax incentives to investors who fund businesses in under-served communities.

Program Benefits:

Defer/reduce federal tax on current capital gains and elimination of taxes on future capital gains for investments held for ten years in designated Opportunity Zones. Program has five, seven and ten year holding periods.

Investment Types:

»» Real Estate Development

and Renovation

»» Operating Businesses

»» “Sin Businesses” Excluded

Examples: Country Club,

Massage/Tanning/Hot Tub Facility,

Gambling or Liquor Sales

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