Hilton Lake

Hilton Lake is actually two small connected lakes located in a residential area just southeast of Everett. The lake covers a total of almost 8 acres. The south basin is 11.5 feet, while the north basin is only 2.5 meters deep.

Recreational Opportunities

Recreational activities are limited to Lake Residents.

Connect with Your Lake Community

Hilton Lake has a formal lake association. Their contact information can be found online. 

Lake Health and Additional Resources

As part of Snohomish County's Lake Management Program, County staff and volunteer lake monitors tracked the health of Hilton Lake in 1998 and 2006. 

Lake Health Report


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View maps of Hilton Lake and the surrounding area.

Watershed Map
Area that drains to the lake

Bathymetry Map
Depth contours of the lake

Aerial Bathymetry Map
Depth contours of the lake with satellite images
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