Felony Diversion Program

About the Program

The Felony Diversion Program is a post-charging alternative to prosecution for first-time felony offenders. This solution-based program is designed to help adult offenders identify factors that contributed to their involvement in the criminal justice system and navigate personal challenges. Participation in the program is voluntary and offered to offenders who take full responsibility for their criminal behavior and are motivated to make positive changes in their lives.

Admission to the Felony Diversion Program is controlled by the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Offenders are referred to the program by the assigned DPA and evaluated by a program counselor to determine eligibility. Among other program conditions, participants are required to engage in treatment/educational/employment pursuits, perform community service, and pay restitution in full.

Offenders make the decision to enter the Felony Diversion Program with the assistance of counsel. As a condition of their acceptance into the program, the offender must stipulate to the admissibility of police reports; sign an admission of guilt; and agree to waive trial period limits on the charge to preserve the ability to prosecute the crime should they be terminated from the program. When an offender successfully completes the program, the charge is dismissed.

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