Open Enrollment


February 14 - March 1st

All changes/forms must be received by Human Resources no later than 5pm on March 1st.

No late forms accepted.

Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to review your current benefit elections, to determine the best options available to you and your family, and to make changes.

Consider these choices you can make during Open Enrollment:

  • Add or discontinue dependent coverage
  • Enroll in a Health Care or Day Care Flexible Spending Account (must re-enroll annually)
  • Enroll in or change your medical, dental, or vision healthcare plans
  • Enroll in or make changes to other benefits including Deferred Compensation, AFLAC, and life insurance benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts

The County offers the Health Care FSA and Day Care FSA - learn about FSAs on the Navia website.

  • If you are a new participant, or you are currently enrolled and you want to continue your participation, you must re-enroll during Open Enrollment, and make a new election for the 2018/2019 Plan Year, which runs from April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019.
  • To enroll, submit the 2019 FSA Enrollment Form to Human Resources. The Health Care FSA annual contribution limit increased to $2,700 (up from the 2018 amount of $2,650).
  • Manage your account at (To register online, our Company Code is SHH).

Aflac Individual Insurance Plans

Aflac Open Enrollment will end on February 26th. You can learn more about Aflac plans, policies and coverage by attending a Lunch & Learn event, which will take place on 01/16, 01/29 and 02/12. You can also schedule an in-person appointment or a phone appointment with an Aflac representative through their Scheduling Tool. Appointments are available on multiple campuses.  Visit the Aflac page for further details and contact information.

Beneficiary Designation Information

Make sure your beneficiary designation information is up-to-date.  Follow the instructions below to specific beneficiary forms.

Retirement (DRS)
Log in to your DRS Account; or
Complete the DRS Beneficiary Designation Form
Deferred Compensation
(Nationwide-current plan)
Log in to your Nationwide Account, or
Complete the Nationwide Beneficiary Form


Complete Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form
Complete Empower Retirement Beneficiary Designation Form