GPHS Student Parking at Willis Tucker Park

2023-2024 PASSES

Passes are now on sale at the Willis Tucker Park administration building (M-F, 8:00am-4:15pm).   Check/Credit cards preferred.  Sorry, no pass sales after 4:15pm.  Juniors are encouraged to hold-off purchase until after the lottery.  Enforcement begins first week of October.  

Student Passes

Glacier Peak High School students have an opportunity to park off-campus, in the east lot of Willis Tucker Park by purchasing a Student Parking Pass.  Passes, which are sold by the Parks Department, are good for a school year.  Gates open (M-F) at 6:30am to allow students to be seated in time for zero-hour classes.   Gates close at dusk (20 minutes after sunset).  Note:  Students participating in after-school activities should move their cars, prior to dusk, to avoid getting locked-in.  The Off-Leash Dog Area lot is closed to student parking.

Passes can be purchased at the Willis Tucker Park administration building M-F during business hours. Students with a Learner's Permit may pre-purchase their pass. Passes are $55 but is subject to change. For the most current rate, visit our Fees & Prices page, then click on the Fee Schedule.  

GPHS Sample Pass

To Purchase a Pass:

  • Download and print an application form  
  • Take completed form to the Willis Tucker Park Administration Building
  • Form requires both student and parent signatures
  • Parent does not need to accompany student
  • Include data for all vehicles student will use
  • Present valid driver's license 
  • Payment by Visa/Mastercard or check (remit to SCPR)
  • Parks Department will hold pre-purchased passes until student presents valid drivers license  

Lost or Stolen Passes

If your pass is lost or stolen, you will need to complete a notarized affidavit stating so. Contact the park office at 425-388-6600 or via email us to request a form or download the affidavit (PDF). There is a $10 replacement fee.

Parking Enforcement

Effective October 2023, vehicles that do not display a valid pass are subject to a $30 Failure to Pay Notice (FTP/D).  The FTP/D fine is reduced to $15, if paid the same day it is issued and voided if a pass is purchased.