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  1. Gissberg Twin Lake North Toxic Algae WARNING 9/21/23

    Gissberg North is experiencing a toxic algae bloom. The bloom looks like blue-green clumps on the lake bottom near the shoreline. Toxic algae can cause serious illness in humans who drink or play in affected waters. Pets that drink the water are at risk. Read on...
  2. Willis Tucker Park Splash Pad Closed for 2023 Season

    The splash pad at Willis Tucker Park is now closed for the season! Thanks for a great summer and we will see you back when it opens up again the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend! Read on...
  3. Zipline at Esperance Park closed for repairs until further notice

    The zipline at Esperance Park has been damaged and is closed for repairs until further notice. Our maintenance team is working on it and does not have an exact date on when the repair will be finished. Read on...
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