Height & Weight Restrictions

Roads with Weight Restrictions

  • 140th St NW, between Marine Dr and Kayak Pt Rd - 5 ton
  • 240th St SE, SE of the railroad xing (Woodinville area) - 5 ton limit
  • Bostian Rd, SW of 91st Ave SE (Woodinville area) - 13 ton limit
  • Lowell-Larimer Rd, W of E Lowell-Larimer Rd/Marsh Rd (Everett area) - 6 ton limit
  • Marsh Rd, N or E Lowell-Larimer Rd/Marsh Rd (Everett area) - 20 ton limit
  • Old Pacific Hwy,  SW of Big Ditch Access Rd (Stanwood area) - 10 ton limit
  • Vine Rd, W of Locust Way (Brier area) - 10 ton limit

Bridges with Weight Restrictions

We currently have weight restrictions on the following county bridges. Weight restrictions vary depending on vehicle type.

BridgeAASHTO 1 TruckAASHTO 2 TruckAASHTO 3 Truck
Bridge No. 155: Tualco Road over Riley Slough (view map (PDF))23 tons34 tonsn/a
Bridge No. 214: Jordon Road over Jordon Creek23 tons34 tons40 tons
Bridge No. 494: Index Galena Road over Trout Creek (view map (PDF))19 tons26 tons30 tons