How Jurors are Chosen

Your name has been randomly selected by computer to serve as a juror in Snohomish County. Potential jurors are selected randomly from a combined voter registration and Department of Licensing drivers' and identification card holders' list (the law requires a fair cross-section of each county's qualified residents). All jurors who serve on jury duty must meet all eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must be a citizen of the United States
  • You must be a resident of Snohomish County
  • You must be able to communicate in the English language
  • If you have been convicted of a felony, your civil rights must be restored

To determine if your civil rights have been restored, contact the Department of Corrections at 425-356-2800. (Revised Code of Washington 9.94A.637)