Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The District 26 Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is intended to strengthen the foundation of collaboration and cooperation in wildfire prevention, mitigation, resilience, and response. The CWPP identifies shared community values at risk from wildfire and outlines actions community members can take to become more resilient to the growing wildfire threat. The goal is to define the risk to life, community values, property, critical infrastructure, the environment, and the economy from wildfires in an identified area, identify measures necessary to mitigate those risks and outline a plan of action to implement the measures.

The CWPP planning process will provide the community with a detailed framework to inform the implementation of specific actions that will result in:

  • Reduced likelihood of a wildfire occurring or spreading in the community
  • Reduced impacts and losses to property and critical infrastructure
  • Reduced negative economic and social impacts to the community

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