Trout Creek Bridge 494 Replacement


Trout Creek Bridge 494 is located near milepost 6.0 on Index Galena Road where it crosses Trout Creek south of the North Fork Skykomish River in the Mount Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest. The existing bridge is a three span, 120-foot long structure originally built in 1946.


Snohomish County plans to complete survey and soil investigation in the summer of 2018 to support scoping and design engineering of the replacement bridge. An estimation of the proposed replacement bridge will be about 28 feet wide, and up to 130 feet long. The new bridge will be a single span removing existing support piers in Trout Creek. Removal of the support piers will reduce debris accumulation under the bridge.

Traffic Impacts

Snohomish County will remove about 4 inches of asphalt from the bridge deck during the summer of 2018. The removal of asphalt will help reduce weight impact on the support piers. The bridge will be closed for an estimated two day span during the removal. This page will be updated with closure dates when they are finalized.

Note: Index-Galena Road is closed at mile post 6.1.


Snohomish County applied for federal funding in early 2018 for Trout Creek Bridge Replacement Project.