Paine Field Aviation District

Paine Field Aviation Attraction Visitor Wayfinding Concept Design & Implementation Plan

The Snohomish County Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department is undertaking a project to improve visitor attraction signage at Paine Field. The project, funded with county lodging taxes, includes plans for a new directional system, also called wayfinding. There are five major tourist attractions located in and around the airport campus. This phased project considers the effectiveness of existing signage, vehicle connections, place-making elements, and a plan with timeline for future implementation.

Tangram Design LLC, an environmental graphics and wayfinding firm from Denver, CO is leading the project for the county. Design concepts are informed by a Tangram site assessment presented earlier in the year was reviewed with community feedback. The Tangram Design team incorporated insights about characteristics and elements of the attractions to understand the experiences stakeholders and the community want for visitors.

Based on community feedback, the idea of an aviation attraction district, reinforced with signage, is now being pursued. Signing a district the stakeholders agree, is more effective than advertising a series of stand-alone experiences.

Four initial concepts with potential locations are under preliminary consideration. Concept designs include illustrations, dimensions, content and overall intent of the signage system. Also addressed are elements of vehicular directional and identification signage. These elements show how signage can be visually consistent, identifiable and create sense of place or district, to promote Paine Field and surrounding cities.

The project includes an assessment, wayfinding concept design and implementation plan to be completed in 2017. The five existing visitor attractions at Paine Field include:

  • Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour
  • Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum
  • High Trek Adventure Aerial Course at Paine Field Community Park
  • Historic Flight Foundation
  • Museum of Flight Restoration Center

Tangram Design LLC has experience on other signage projects at Dallas/Fort Worth and Denver International Airports and others. For more information about Tangram Design LLC, visit the Tangram Design website.

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