Lost and Found Pets

Prevent lost pets

  • Keep cats indoors and dogs inside a fully fenced yard. Check your fence regularly for gaps or weak boards.
  • Keep your dog on a leash during walks and hikes (it’s the law!)
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with their current license tag at all times. 
  • Put an orange collar on your indoor cat; if they do sneak out, this signals that they’re not supposed to be outside.
  • Microchip your pet and keep the contact information up to date.
  • License your pet and renew every year. It’s the best way to ensure you’ll be reunited if anything does happen.
  • Place your pet’s favorite bed or blanket outside near the place you last saw them. Pets will often follow the familiar scent.
  • Show a picture of your pet to your neighbors and ask them to call you if they see your pet.
  • Make sure your pet’s license and microchip information is up to date with your contact information.
  • Submit a lost pet report to the Everett Animal Shelter and check their website daily for updates on new arrivals to the shelter. If you live in south Snohomish County, check the PAWS website as well.
  • Put up flyers, check with local veterinarians, and place ads on PetFinder, FidoFinder, Nextdoor, and groups like 'Lost Dogs of Snohomish County' on Facebook.

What We Do

When an Animal Control Officer finds a stray animal, we try to identify and contact the owner. This is why a pet license is so important! A licensed pet can be returned to you faster and you can avoid costs associated with sheltering your pet. If the Animal Control Officer is unable to contact you or the pet does not have ID, a microchip, or a license, we will transport the animal to the Everett Animal Shelter for safekeeping. You will have to pay a substantial fee to redeem your animal from the shelter – so keep your pets on your property!

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