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The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Administrative and Professional Staff. Law enforcement and corrections administrative and professional staff work in diverse settings providing essential services to Sheriff’s Office employees and the communities we serve. Our non-commissioned staff work in records, fiscal, and evidence, and at the precincts assisting the public, managing critical information, conducting and following up on inquiries, and confirming criminal information. The Sheriff’s Office offers competitive pay, an outstanding benefits package that includes paid health insurance and paid time off. We also offer pension plans and a dynamic work environment where no two days are ever alike.  Career opportunities for administrative and professional staff include:

Law Enforcement Technician

Assists law enforcement and the public, in person, by telephone and via e-mail,

providing information, answering questions and explaining services; enters,

confirms, and researches criminal justice data. Receives, researches, processes

and issues permits, licenses; analyzes forms and reports and reviews documents

for completeness and accuracy before entry and forwarding to other systems.

Law Enforcement Secretary

In addition to the above, enters, maintains and retrieves data in various computer

systems, including criminal history searches; prepares reports from database

information; drafts, types and edits documents such as reports, search warrants,

memoranda and correspondence; creates and maintains personnel files.

Account Technician II (CS)

Supports the accounting, cashiering, fiscal and budget functions of the Sheriff’s

Office, including procuring supplies and equipment, preparing grant billings,

accounts payable, accounts receivable; tracks budgets and assists in the

management of payroll.

Evidence Control Officer

Covers the technical handling, control and proper storage of evidence and

property; enters data and locates information related to property and evidence

of residents and various other community agencies, and collects and transports

evidence between facilities and outside agencies.

Control Room Officer

Control Room Officers monitor and control the movement of jail personnel,

inmates and visitors, as well as security systems, all doors, window detectors,

panic button alarms and smoke/fire detectors. They observe and respond to unauthorized movements and/or emergency situations and maintain radio communications with custody officers in housing modules and in transit with prisoners.


Corrections Storekeepers order, receive, store and issue a variety of office

supplies, maintenance supplies and equipment. They count and verify stock

purchased and delivered, process returns, backorders and errors on orders,

maintain inventory records and custody of supplies and requisition supplies

and equipment. Storekeepers contacts vendors and contractors for price bids

and assist the Maintenance Coordinator to process proper county purchasing

requirements and documents.

Booking Support Officer

Reviews paperwork from law enforcement agencies and the courts for

authority to book, release or transport inmates. Manages booking, release

and transportation data for inmates and checks booking information with

state and federal databases to determine if there are outstanding warrants.

Receives, searches and catalogs property from inmates and compiles a daily

court list.

Inmate Accounts Technician II

Creates, maintains, and updates records for inmates in the jail while ensuring

confidentiality. Screens paperwork from law enforcement, criminal justice

and other agencies and assists the general public, inmates, and others in

answering questions, taking complaints and explaining jail services, policies,

procedures and schedules. Gathers, compiles and checks data for reports,

billing and payments.

Records Technician II

Screens paperwork concerning inmates from law enforcement, criminal

justice and other agencies and initiates appropriate processing. Contacts

courts, attorneys and agencies and establishes transport lists. Checks

booking information with state and federal databases to determine if there

are outstanding warrants that would prevent an inmate’s release. Compiles

a daily list of inmates for court, transport, and release. Verifies and approves

assigned release dates and pretrial credit for time served.

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