Commercial and Industrial Standards Code Project

About the Project 

In 2014, Planning and Development Services (PDS) initiated a code development project to review the regulations for the county’s commercial and industrial zoning classifications. This review is considering the allowed uses, parking, building height, setbacks, landscaping, design standards and review processes within the county’s diverse commercial and industrial zoning districts. The projects’ goal is to use commercial and industrial land more efficiently and expand economic development, while ensuring compatibility with the vision for the future.

The Commercial & Industrial Standards project is being conducted in two parts. Part 1 was adopted on March 8, 2017 and focused on allowed uses, minimum parking rates, definitions and performance standards for woodwaste and non-woodwaste uses. Part 2 is currently on hold in order to take a comprehensive review of the project scope and recognize the establishment of the Maltby Area Advisory Board (MAAB).

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Related Projects

PDS is also working on another separate but related code project to the Commercial and Industrial Standards. The Multiple Family Residential Development is reviewing development regulations as they apply to an area of unincorporated Snohomish County along and within 2,000 feet of State Route 99 north of State Route 525 to the city limits of Everett. The project considers increased density, building height and reduced setbacks. For more information on this project contact email Steve Skorney.

Commercial Building Parking Area at dusk
Industrial Building Parking Area

Project Contact

David Killingstad, Principal Planner
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