Litter Wranglers Crew

The Litter Wranglers are trained for safety issues that accompany working alongside busy roads. Two crew members work as flaggers and the other four work to wrangle the litter into bags. The crew rotates job duties throughout the work week. Crew members urge motorists to proceed with caution when around the Litter Wrangler’s sites. The crew will not pick up a site if low visibility for motorists makes the crew hard to see, such as thick fog or a driving rain. 

Residents are asked to abide by current COVID-19 social distancing guidelines of six feet and to wear a mask while near the Litter Wranglers this season. New protocols have been established for the crews due to the ongoing health crisis.

Residents may see the Litter Wranglers from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday on roadways working to keep Snohomish County looking its best.