Your Elected Officials

Snohomish County has thirty-six independently elected officials. They include fifteen Superior Court judges, four District Court judges, five Court commissioners, five members of the Snohomish County Council, one Executive, Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, Auditor, Assessor, Clerk, and Treasurer. These officials and their staff all serve the public in a unique way and are available to help you with your needs.

Search by Your Registration as a Voter

The Washington State MyVote application can provide name and contact information for every one of your elected officials. Enter your name and birth date, then select "My Elected Officials. Look for the MyVote logo in the middle of the Auditor's Elections & Voter Registration page.

Search by Address

Snohomish County can tell you the political and taxing districts, as well as elected representatives and their contact information. Enter your street name and number (address) to see your Personalized Voter Information (also linked as the third bullet on the Auditor's Candidates & Political Parties page).