Snohomish County Children's Commission

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Mission and Vision

The Snohomish County Children's Commission recognizes children as our most precious resource and the most important investment relative to the future of our society. We recognize it is up to us, the adult members of our community, to invest wisely in our children, to protect and nurture them and to adequately prepare them to assume stewardship of the future.


  • All children have access to adequate health care and opportunities to reach their optimal health All children have opportunities to contribute meaningfully to their community
  • All children receive a quality education tailored to their individual needs and learning styles
  • All children live in a permanent home where they experience safety and stability and where they are loved unconditionally
  • All children are safe from abuse, bullying and the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs
  • All children have access to adequate nutrition and exercise for a healthy mind and body
  • All children experience positive bonding with a parental figure and have exposure to appropriate adult role models
  • Decision makers routinely make abundant resources available for the needs of children and families and consider the best interests of children and families in all decisions


The Children's Commission is a group of 25 members, including two youth, who serve as advisors on issues of health, safety and welfare of children. The Commission is mandated by Snohomish County Code to act in an advocacy role on behalf of children of Snohomish County. Research and development work are conducted through forums, public hearings and a strong committee structure. Advocacy work is accomplished through publications, legislative efforts, active involvement in resolving local issues and monthly meetings held in public session.

Regular Meetings

The next regular public meeting of the Children's Commission is Wednesday, May 23, 2023. 


if you would like to attend the next meeting, please contact Karen Matson, or 425-388-7251

Attending the Meeting in Person? See these Driving Directions

Please check for updates regarding future meetings.