A variety of assessment data is available in electronic format for download from our FTP site. Snohomish County has made every effort to make the data freely and readily accessible. Due to the variety of user system configurations and security software, we are not able to provide technical assistance if you are unable to download the data.

If you have difficulty downloading the data, it is recommended that you check your security software to see if it is set for passive FTP, is blocking ZIP files, set to allow only small amounts of data to be downloaded, or if the county FTP address is being blocked. As an alternative, assessment data is available on CD. Please contact our office for instructions on how to acquire the data on CD.

Spatial Data (GIS)

Snohomish County has a distributed GIS environment with GIS work groups located in Public Works, Planning and Development Services, Emergency Management, Information Technology, and the Assessor's Office. The Assessor is the custodian of a variety of spatial data layers and has these available for FTP download at no cost. A partial list of available data is linked below.

Tabular Data

Selected extracts from our tabular data systems are available for free download.

The Assessor's Office will continue to enhance its data offerings in the future.