Kayak Point Park

Snohomish County is working to renovate the day-use portion of this popular, well loved park. An extensive design process was undertaken several years ago to develop a plan for reconfiguring the day-use area, which will provide additional recreation space, move parking away from the shoreline, improve the boat launch and make habitat improvements. As part of implementing these changes, park infrastructure will be replaced (e.g. failing water lines and buckling asphalt) and the park will be positioned for many more years of enjoyment.

Day-Use Concept Map (PDF)

Kayak Point Day Use Draft Plan and Map (PDF)

Current Status:

  • 60% design has been completed and 90% design is underway.  It is planned that the project will be constructed in a series of phases, due to the overall cost of the project.  Grant funds are being sought currently and, if successful, will also the first phase of construction to start in 2021.

Contact Person:  

Email Sharon Swan