Kayak Point



Kayak Point Regional Park is a popular destination for a variety of recreation opportunities.  The park offers access to Puget Sound for fishing/crabbing, beach combing, launching a boat and general water enjoyment.  The park also provides picnicking opportunities, a playground, hiking trails and camping.  Kayak Point Park was originally acquired and developed in the 1970s and the use of this facility and age of infrastructure have prompted the need for park renovation and future expansion.
Three projects are currently underway at Kayak Point Park:
  1. Campground Renovation - Scheduled to be completed by summer 2017, this project will extend water to all campsites, upgrade power hook ups and provide two, new camp sites within this popular campground.  Look for improvements to be in place for the 2017 camping season.
  2. Day-Use Area Renovation - An extensive design process was undertaken several years ago to develop a plan for reconfiguring the day-use area, which will provide additional recreation space, move parking away from the shoreline, improve the boat launch and make habitat improvements.  As part of implementing these changes, park infrastructure will be replaced (e.g. failing water lines and buckling asphalt) and the park will be positioned for many more years of enjoyment. 
  3. Development of Preferred Plan (excluding the golf course) - Kayak Point Park totals approximately 480 acres (excluding the golf course), of which approximately 350 acres are currently undeveloped.  Use of this undeveloped area has been proposed several times but a current comprehensive plan for that area is not available.  This project will consider opportunities associated with the undeveloped property, needs which could be satisfied and result in a plan for future improvements.

Day-Use Concept Map

Kayak Point Day Use Draft Plan and Map (PDF)

Current Status:

  • Campground improvements were started in early 2017 and are anticipated to be completed mid-June. 
  • Public meetings have been held March 9th and April 27th in order to obtain input into what should be included in the new Preferred Plan for the park.  An additional public meeting is scheduled to be held June 14th to present a preliminary draft Preferred Plan for additional review and comment (see announcement below).  It is planned that information about the draft Preferred Plan will be available through the summer, in order to gain additional review, and the Preferred Plan will be finalized fall of 2017. 

Preferred Plan - Alternative 1

Kayak-MP Alt 1

Preferred Plan - Alternative 2

Kayak-MP Alt 2

Preferred Plan - Alternative 3

Kayak-MP Alt 3

Contact Person:  

Sharon Swan