Deputy Sheriff

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  5. Why Snohomish County

A Snohomish County deputy sheriff patrols a diverse environment - from city to country - and performs a wide variety of jobs - from deterring crime to conducting investigations. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office employs over 280 commissioned staff in a many different specialty units, including:

  • motors
  • marine
  • dive
  • major crimes
  • K9
  • patrol
  • property crimes
  • collision investigation

Depending on assignment and experience, a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office deputy will:

  • patrol unincorporated Snohomish County to deter and discover crimes
  • conduct crime scene investigations
  • enforce laws and ordinances
  • assist the public assistance
  • respond to crime scenes, secure the scene; interview victims and witnesses; gather and preserve evidence; arrest suspects; prepare required reports
  • investigate and report accidents; administer emergency first aid until aid car arrives
  • issue notices of infraction and citations to violators of state laws and county ordinances; serve warrants of arrest
  • interview and investigate citizen complaints; respond to inquiries; provide information to the public on laws and ordinances; assist in resolving problems; make referrals to appropriate agencies as necessary
  • guard prisoners at hospitals and/or in court; transport prisoners to and from jail and court
  • prepare required reports and maintain necessary records
  • testify as a credible witness in court as required

The work is rewarding but demanding and deputies may be called upon to work with distraught or difficult individuals, stand for prolonged periods, work outdoors (even in inclement weather), travel throughout the county and work on holidays and/or weekends. 

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