43rd Ave SE/Sunset Rd

May 2021 Update

This project has reached 60% design and an updated design exhibit is available. Utility relocation planning and right-of-way purchasing is in progress.


Snohomish County Public Works proposes to construct arterial improvements to approximately 1.7 miles of 43rd Ave SE from SR 524 (Maltby Road) to Sunset Rd at 180th St SE. Construction includes the following primary elements:

  • Widen 43rd Ave SE from SR 524 north to 188th St SE to a two-lane rural section
  • Add approximately 1,400 linear feet of new county rural road to connect 200th St SE and 196th St SE
  • Improve the existing urban section of 43rd Ave SE from 188th St SE north to 184th St SE
  • Add approximately 450 linear feet of new county urban road between 184th St SE and 42nd Dr SE
  • Install two new roundabouts on 43rd Ave SE at SR 524 and at 196th St SE
  • Install new traffic signal and turn pockets at 180th St SE and Sunset Rd
  • Add two new stormwater ponds and two underground stormwater chambers


The project team has been working hard to develop the design report for this project. The design report includes roadway section, intersection, and drainage alternatives for the project. The draft schedule for this project has been updated and is listed below.

  • 2016-2018: Completed field survey and preliminary design 
  • 2019: Environmental studies
  • October 2019: Completed traffic noise study
  • December 2019: Public open house
  • 2020-2021: Design, right of way acquisitions and utility relocations
  • 2021: Go out for construction bids
  • 2022-2023: Construction of roadway


The proposed design, right-of-way, and construction will be funded by the Snohomish County Road Fund. The county will pursue grants and other funding opportunities to help fund the project as the design process proceeds.

Environmental Review

An environmental review and checklist was completed in compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) on January 23, 2020, for 43rd Avenue SE corridor improvement project.
Snohomish County Public Works determined that this project does not have a probable, significant adverse impact on the environment and issued a Determination of Non-significance (DNS) on February 14, 2020.

SEPA Appeal Period
This DNS may be appealed pursuant to the requirements of SCC 30.61.300 and Chapter 2.02 SCC. There is a 14-day appeal period for the SEPA DNS that commences from the date of publication of notice and ends on March 2, 2020. Any appeal must be addressed to the County Hearing Examiner, accompanied by a filing fee of $500.00, and be filed in writing at Snohomish County Public Works, 3000 Rockefeller Ave., Robert J. Drewel Building, 2nd Floor, Customer Service Center, Everett, Washington. The appeal period closed on March 2, 2020. The SEPA comment period regarding this project ended on March 9, 2020.

Public Comment
The LDA permit application is subject to a 21-day public and agency comment period. The comment period closed on March 9, 2020. 

Open House - December 5, 2019

Open House - June 27, 2017


Other Projects in the Area

In addition to the 43rd Ave. SE project, the county is working on improvements to other nearby corridors including: