Opioid Overdose: What to do

If someone takes more opioids than their body can handle, they can pass out, stop breathing, and possibly die. Follow the steps below to possibly save their life.

1. Look for signs of an opioid overdose

  • Slow or no breathing
  • Gurgling, gasping, snoring
  • Clammy skin
  • Blue nails or lips

2. Try to wake them up

  • Rub your knuckles hard over their chest bone. If they don't wake up, they need medical help right away.

3. Call 911

  • Notify 911 of the situation
  • Remember: You cannot be held liable for volunteering to provide medical support to someone in need of care. This is the Good Samaritan Law

4. Administer Naloxone

  • If you have a Naloxone kit from a local pharmacy, use it as directed to stop the adverse effects of an opioid overdose