Snohomish County Economic Development Initiative

Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers’s top priority is to ensure the economic prosperity of our region. The County Executive established sector leads in areas of historic leadership and emerging opportunities. This new structure engages with industry leaders to collaborate on policies and strategies to advance targeted sectors of opportunity for the county. The primary focus of the sector team is on driving economic growth and creating jobs. The sectors focus strategically on the development and implementation of strategies and action plans to promote growth in key industry sectors. One important cross-industry and multi-sector priority is manufacturing, since this is an area of particular promise for Snohomish County.

The Economic Development Initiative strengthens and grows our region through industry sector strategies focused on:

  • Facilitating collaborative public private partnerships
  • Promoting a thriving economic climate
  • Encouraging the workforce to meet industry needs
Trade signing ceremony

Trade and Business Development Sector

With the fifth largest port on the West Coast in export value, the highest percent of jobs tied to international trade comprising 60% of the workforce, and a manufacturing hub with the largest concentration of jobs in the western United States, the Trade and Business Development Sector works to advance economic growth through strategic partnerships and to encourage business expansion and investments.

Aerospace Sector

Snohomish County’s aerospace industry fuels jobs for hundreds of thousands of families each year. In addition to the world headquarters for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, over 1,350 aerospace-related business establishments that design and manufacture products are located in the county. Our educational institutions and private firms are also leading the world in the advancement of new aerospace technologies. This sector focuses on the expansion, recruitment and retention of aerospace businesses and investments.

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Agriculture, Fisheries & Forest Products Industry Sector

Second only to aerospace, agriculture is Snohomish County’s largest dollar volume industry. From beef to dairy, fruits to vegetables, the Agriculture and Forest Products Sector works to cultivate sustainable food and farming systems along with providing wise stewardship of our natural resources to sustain communities and family wage jobs. We support manufacturing and agriculture business expansion and recruitment projects including the forestry industry.

Technology Sector

Ranking 2nd in technology-based jobs in the state, the Technology sector is working with a variety of industries to provide technologies and related production processes that will improve environmental and business performance. Our Technology Sector supports specific economic development efforts by strengthening private and public collaborative efforts across Snohomish County. 

People using technology
Person saluting in front of helicopter

Military and Defense Sector

One of our county’s largest direct public employers and an industry that cuts across many sectors, the Military and Defense Sector helps create the backbone for a strong economy by working with our military installations, companies, and our military friendly communities.

Recreation and Tourism Sector

Tourism is the third largest market in Snohomish County. The countywide impact is estimated at $11 million in one year through grants and added over 1,000 new leisure and hospitality jobs in one year. The Tourism Industry Sector works in partnership with the Tourism Bureau, local governments, and businesses to expand opportunities for the county.

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Energy and Sustainability Sector

The Energy and Sustainability Sector collaborates with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to develop innovative environmental solutions that foster vibrant communities and shared prosperity for the county. This sector works to deliver cutting-edge policies for achieving the county’s environmental goals with measurable impact.

Arts, Culture & Film Sector

The Arts, Culture and Film Sector provides opportunity to engage in diverse and cultural experiences throughout the county by working in partnership with organizations, corporations, artists and performers. This sector promotes arts, culture and the preservation of historic resources for community revitalization.

Everett Film Festival
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Education, Life Sciences & Global Health Sector

The Education, Life Science and Global Health Sector is comprised of world class research institutions, motivated and talented entrepreneurs and well-established organizations that are recognized for their breakthrough discoveries. The Education, Life Science and Global Health Sector works in partnership with companies, organizations and educational institutions to attract and retain recognized researchers to the county, increase capital investments and expand workforce training.