Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a program that teaches basic disaster response skills that can help you assist your community during disaster situations. The training typically consists of 20 hours of instruction including hands on learning. Some programs provide training one night a week over a course of eight weeks while other programs offer fast track training that can be completed in one weekend. 

Some CERT teams have active volunteer programs. After completing the training you can choose if you would like to be a volunteer.

Most CERT programs follow this course agenda:

Unit 1: Disaster Preparedness, Local Hazards, Hazard Mitigation

Unit 2: CERT Organization Overview

Unit 3: Disaster Medical Operations, Part 1- Basic First Aid Care

Unit 4: Disaster Medical Operations, Part 2- Mass Casualty Incidents

Unit 5: Disaster Psychology

Unit 6: Fire Safety, Fire Suppression, Utility Controls

Unit 7: Light Search and Rescue Operations

Unit 8: Terrorism

Unit 9: Review, Final Exam and Disaster Simulation

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CERT Programs in Snohomish County
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More information about CERT from ready.gov

For general questions about CERT contact Volunteer Coordination.