Tax Title Properties

The current tax title property inventory consists of over 200 parcels of primarily small, irregular shaped parcels of land. A tax title property may be beneficial to an adjacent landowner who wishes to expand their total acreage. The allowable use differs for each tax title property. Some tax title properties are used as access that serves adjoining property owners and some contain environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands or steep slopes. There are no known improvements on most of these properties. In addition, there are very few parcels that would be considered as buildable property unless they are combined with an adjacent parcel through a potential lot line adjustment, change of use application, zoning variance or other development requirements.

Inventory and Research

The minimum bid to purchase a tax title property is different for each property and must cover the recording fee, advertising fee, administrative fee, and tax foreclosure costs. Some tax title properties may have assessments that would also need to be paid by the bidder. Click on this link to view the current list of available Tax Title Properties (PDF). Information about these tax title parcels can be found on the Snohomish County Assessor's webpage by tax parcel number. Maps and general location proximity is also available on the County Assessor's webpage. For more detailed information such as zoning and utility services, you may visit the County Planning and Development Services GIS Map Portal at

Online Auction Site

All tax title property is purchased "where is" and "as is" without any representation or warranty expressed or implied. To see the current Snohomish County Tax Title Properties online auction storefront, visit

Further Enquiries

If you are interested in bidding on a tax title parcel, that is not on the current online auction storefront, please email the Snohomish County Property Officer at and provide your name and the 14 digit Tax ID number of the parcel or parcels of interest.