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Unit or Department Hours Phone Commander/Unit Supervisor Services
Anonymous Tip Line 24/7 425-388-3845
Voice mail box to provide anonymous information about a person of interest, crime, or case being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office
Civil Unit M-F, 9-4:30 425-388-3060 Rebecca Koontz Court orders, writ of small claims, subpoena, writ of replevin, eviction, restraining orders, sales or real and personal property

East Precinct

M-Th, 10-5

425-388-6260 Lt. Mike Martin Sultan Police Department headquarters, Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports. 
Evidence Control MT,ThF, 9-11, Noon-3 425-388-7050

Sgt. Matt Onderbeke

Storage and maintainence of property, disposal of illegal firearms, found and recovered stolen property
Gold Bar Police Station M-F, 9-5  
Patrol services for Gold Bar and Index
Granite Falls Police Department M-F, 9-5 360-691-6611

Sgt. Tom Dalton

Concealed Pistol License applications, (for city residents only) fingerprinting, filing crime reports
Investigations M-F, 9-5 425-388-5277 Capt. Doug Jeske Oversees the Major Crimes, General and Special Investigations Units
Media Line 24/7 425-249-6263 Courtney O'Keefe Media inquiries, news releases
North Precinct

M-F, 9-12:30, 1-5

425-388-5200 Lt. Christopher Ferreira Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports
Office of Neighborhoods  


Sgt. James Chelin

Neighborhood Watch, homeless outreach, community outreach, crime prevention, volunteer services, You Are Not Alone, Citizen’s Academy
Office of Professional Accountability T-F, 9-5 425-388-3249 Sgt. Dave Casey

If you believe a deputy or other Sheriff’s Office employee has engaged in inappropriate behavior, you may file a complaint in person or by phone, mail, email or on-line to the Office of Professional Accountability.

Public Disclosure

M-F, 9-4:30

425-388-3863 Jessica Payne Records requests, police reports

Search and Rescue

M-F, 9-5 425-388-3328 Sgt. Greg Sanders

Volunteer search and rescue, Project Care Track, helicopter rescue team, K-9 search and rescue, mountain rescue, swiftwater rescue

Sheriff's Office Administration M-F, 9-5 425-388-3393 Sheriff Adam Fortney Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports
Snohomish Police Department M-F, 9-5 360-568-0888 Captain Rob Palmer Concealed Pistol License applications (City of Snohomish residents only), fingerprinting, filing crime reports
South Precinct M-F, 9-5 425-388-5250 Lt. Andy Kahler Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports

Stanwood Police Department

M-F, 9-5 425-388-5290 Lt. Rob Martin Concealed Pistol License applications, fingerprinting, filing crime reports

Sex Offender Registration

M, W, Th 10-2 425-388-3357 RSO Registration Unit  Registered sex offender registration, notification, and resources