Corresponding Zoning and Land Use Designations

The following is a general summary describing corresponding urban Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designations and implementing zones. Under the County's Comprehensive Plan, only certain zones may be proposed for rezone depending upon the governing Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designation. This summary should be used as guide as some specific instances may preclude rezone to another implementing zone where described in the Comprehensive Plan or where incompatible with the development code provisions. For information on implementing zone criteria on non-urban designated lands, see the Land Use Element of the General Policy Plan.

Corresponding Urban Zones to Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designations

Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designation
Implementing Zones
Urban Low Density Residential (ULDR)R-7,200
Waterfront Beach (WFB)
Mobile Home Park (MHP)
Urban Medium Density Residential (UMDR)Low Density Multiple Residential (LDMR)
Townhouse (T)
Waterfront Beach (WFB)
Mobile Home Park (MHP)
Urban High Density Residential (UHDR)Multiple Residential (MR)
Low Density Multiple Residential (LDMR)
Mobile Home Park (MHP)
Urban Commercial (UCOM)Business Park (BP)
General Commercial (GC)
Planned Community Business (PBC)
Community Business (CB)
Neighborhood Business (NB)
Freeway Service (FS)
Urban Industrial (UI)Heavy Industrial (HI)
Light Industrial (LI)
Industrial Park (IP)
Business Park (BP)
Urban Center (UCENTER)Urban Center (UC)
Transit Pedestrian Village (TPV)Urban Center (UC)
Urban Village (UV)Planned Community Business (PCB)
Neighborhood Business (NB)