Requests For Foreclosure Information

The “View Archive” and County “Search” links and property lists located elsewhere on the Snohomish County website are not current listings - they are prior years and invalid.

The Snohomish County Treasurer conducts an annual tax lien foreclosure auction, pursuant to RCW 84.64, and other state law. Release of Foreclosure Information falls under the public records disclosure guidelines as prescribed in State Law and County policies and regulations, for both the party releasing records and the requester of records. For more information about public records and their release, please see the Snohomish County public records page here.

Certificates of Delinquency (court filing of the start of Tax Lien Foreclosure-around June each year)

Affidavits of Publication (published notice of parties with a recorded interest in property subject to foreclosure-Sept/Oct each year)

Final Orders of Sale (permission by the court to foreclose-filed late Nov each year)

Returns of Sale (court filing of property sold at tax auction; this includes any properties that did not sell to a private party and which became "Tax Title" property. These parcels are held in trust, and managed, by the Snohomish County Property Management Division. This document is available after being filed in early January. The Return of Sale is the only list of parcels that did not sell at auction; for information on County owned Tax Title properties click here.

Foreclosure Excess Funds (this ’list’ is created after the tax sale each year, as governed by RCW 84.64.080(10). Snohomish County notifies all RECORD OWNERS of properties that have excess funds available. Any party believing that they have a right or interest in any excess funds from the sale of their property should contact the Snohomish County Treasurer’s Office directly at 425-388-3606. These lists are updated periodically, as funds are claimed by the record owners.

ALL OTHER REQUESTS FOR FORECLOSURE INFORMATION must go through the public records request portal, located here.

What about a list of individuals?

If you request a public record that contains a list of individuals, you must submit Form 2: Declaration to Release List of Individuals (DOC) verifying that the list of names will not be used for commercial purposes. Form 2 requires the following information:

  • The date of your request
  • Your contact information
  • Your signed oath not to use the information for commercial purposes

Your request is limited to the actual records the Treasurer has. The format or data may not fit your request exactly, as we can only release the public records as it was created. PLEASE be as specific with your request as possible. 

See FAQ for Public Records Requests hereThese requests may include, but are not limited to:

  • Delinquent property lists (we provide our tax roll, as we don’t have a "delinquent property list").
  • Lists of parcels with one, two, or three year taxes delinquent (may be limited to the tax roll).
  • List of parcels with excess funds after the sale.
  • Copies of individual foreclosure records, including requests for certified notice of mailing to lien holders.
  • Title Reports on foreclosure parcels NOTE - These are available from November to December sale on the Bid4Assets website. After the sale, they are available by making a public records request through Snohomish County public records request portal.