Supported Employment Program

Snohomish County has approved an initiative to provide paid, competitive employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in integrated work settings with appropriate ongoing support from a job coach.

The Supported Employment positions offer a creative and cost-effective approach to meeting business needs while including people with developmental disabilities in the workforce. Each job is customized by bundling entry-level tasks that match the skills of the supported employment candidates.

A requirement of the Supported Employment positions is that each supported employee and hiring department work with a job coach. These professionally-trained vocational counselors are sent from local agencies in order to serve the employment-support needs.

Each job coach assists with the individualized training and long-term supports (at no cost to employers) which allows supported employees to maximize their job performance.

 In order to be eligible for the Supported Employment positions, you must:

  • Be a client of the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and must provide a DDA number (contact your case manager to access your number or ask your job coach or employment agency).
  • Have a job coach/Employment Agency.
  • Have long-term support from DDA. 

To apply for DDA services, contact DDA at 425-339-4833.

Once a supported employment position has been posted, applications will be accepted through NEOGOV.

Current Supported Employment Job Openings

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Integrated employment in the State of Washington

In most states, only a small portion of people receiving services for developmental disabilities take part in integrated employment — meaning they have a job in a traditional workplace or are working toward one. (Source: National Survey of State IDD Agency Day and Employment Services)

NSSIDD graph