Property Control

The Property Control Division consists of three areas:

Land Segregation

The land segregation area creates new tax parcels and provides tax parcel maintenance due to short plats, subdivisions, or property line changes from boundary line adjustments and other recorded documents. They also process segregation / combination requests for administrative purposes.

Excise (Property Sales & Transfers)

The excise area tracks all of the sales within Snohomish County, processes sales data from real estate excise documents and provides the sales information to the Appraisal Division for valuation purposes. You may obtain sales information by visiting our website.

The land segregation and excise areas are located on the third floor of the new Administration Building East.

Manufactured Home

The mobile home area has a technician that tracks the movement of manufactured and mobile homes within Snohomish County and handles the mobile home title eliminations and vehicle title applications that come through the Assessor's Office. This position is located in the Customer Service Center of the new Administration Building East on the third floor.


The following resources are available to assist you in understanding property taxes and property control functions: