Septic System Owners

The wastewater from homes needs to be treated before being released back into the environment. Residents who live in a city with a sewage treatment system flush toilets, send soapy water down the sink drains, and know that the system and its workers will take care of the wastewater. However, homeowners with on-site sewage systems (OSS) are their own wastewater treatment workers.

In the Lower Stillaguamish PIC area, Snohomish County Health Department records indicate that there are approximately 1,525 OSS. All of these systems need to be properly maintained and periodically serviced regardless of type and age of the system to continue to properly treat the sewage. As such, like a sewage treatment worker, OSS owners must understand how their particular OSS works and how to properly operate and maintain it.

If everyone maintains their OSS and has it inspected regularly to make sure it is functioning properly, they can help protect the health of their family and neighbors as well as the environment. This will also help spot and fix problems before they become expensive repairs or require replacement. Save money and protect the environment – know your septic system and take good care of it.


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