Office of Professional Accountability

The mission of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is to provide safe communities through dedicated and professional service. To accomplish our mission, we must foster and maintain a relationship of trust with communities we serve. Just as deputies are free to initiate law enforcement action in a reasonable, lawful, and impartial manner, citizens are also free to file a complaint against Sheriff’s Office employees without fear of reprisal, retribution, or harassment.

The Office of Professional Accountability (OPA) has an established system to receive complaints and investigate those complaints. We also have the responsibility of initiating disciplinary action when appropriate. Our goal is to resolve the issues in a thorough, timely, and courteous manner.

Complaints & Commendations

If you believe a deputy or other Sheriff’s Office employee has engaged in inappropriate behavior, you may file a complaint in person or by phone, mail, email or on-line. Complaints can be made to any on-duty Sheriff’s Office employee, regardless of rank or position.

We also accept complaints from outside agencies and from third parties reporting the complaint on the behalf of another.

Complaints should be filed as soon as is practical.

Complaints not meeting the criteria for an internal investigation by the Office of Professional Accountability shall be investigated by the employee’s immediate supervisor or other assigned supervisor.

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